Membership Application

We are always looking to meet new people that can help us accomplish our goals. 

We offer two types of club membership. A Full Member and a Kavalry Member. Kavalry members have all the rights and privileges of a Kiwanian as our Full Members but their membership doesn’t include the weekly lunch so it costs less. Kavalry members can purchase lunch as they choose for $13.00. This membership is primarily for spouses of members or anyone that wants to be a member but can’t attend lunch meetings regularly.

Monthly Dues:

Full Member: $60 per month, includes weekly lunch

Kavalry Member: $30 per month, does not include lunch

Registration Fee:

A one-time registration fee of $75 is due when application is submitted.

Please us the link below to download the one-page membership application. Once completed, you can bring it to one of our meeting or mail it to our P.O. box.